Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to generate ideas

* The best way to generate new idea is to combine two existing ideas. Borrow something from an unrelated field, and see if it can be integrated into your field.

* Examine the user's needs that are not being met by current competitive products.

* Choose the preferred environment and time were your mind prefers to think about an idea. For most people most of the ideas comes at morning and for others at night.

* Daily generate at least one idea every day and write it down. Keep a pen and paper handy with, so that at any time you get an idea write it down.

* Always be up to date with latest technology. Read about the next new technology of coming years. Read lots of inventions and new creations

* Have diverse interests in all the fields.

* Think from other person's point of view.

* Explain the problem to someone different person to get his thoughts.

* The more you expose yourself to different situations, people and places, the more fuel you will give to your mind to make connections. Just don’t be afraid of doing things differently.

* Visualize about the idea of how to implement it.

* Ask questions to yourself and find answers to it. Write all the "how to" questions and answer it.

* Volunteer yourself and help others

* Play lots of mind games


How to achieve success

How to achieve success

* First define what success means to you and write it down. Based on that set long and short term goals and achieve it.

* Every difficulty has an opportunity, so work hard and push yourself.

* If you want to achieve success have desire to achieve, have faith in you and take appropriate actions.

* Identify the successful people and follow their principles.

* Get better day by day, anything worth doing has to be done several times. Dont impose self restrictions on yourself.

* Read something inspirational every morning.

* Success is not having fear of doing anything.Have growth mindset to achieve success.

* Hard work is the only way to success, dont depend on luck.

* To achieve success have happy relationship, have peace of mind and enjoy your work , have financial success by financial planning , be healthy and have good health of your family, become better day by day , don't impose limit on anything by yourself.

* Have growth mindset to achieve success and continuously improve on yourself.

* All success people think, act and communicate the same way and rest do it in opposite way.

* Always do more than what you have paid for. This will make investment for future. Review your performance daily. Face all your fears to conquer. Refine your goals constantly.Success is not having fear of doing anything.

* Control your mind and body by practice.Journey of thousand miles begins with small steps

* Problem will come and go to make us better , we need to overcome that.

* Try over 50 times and work hard until you succeeded , if you fail it will be a very good lesson. Winner never quits , quitter never wins.

* Don't repent for the past, don't worry at the future, concentrate on present.

* Risk is directly proportional to success , "what if this happens" is the language of poor. Rich thinking habits make people rich.

* Set goals, try everything, take great risks, move out of comfort zone, failure is must for success, double failure rate,identify fears

* Create small list of action items, as small as 15 mins tasks.

* Get out of comfort zone by thinking  big , dream big, fully engage in goals, face discomfort, fail many times, double your failure rate, make mistakes.

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