Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Leadership qualities

Qualities a leader should have
* Leader should have strong communication skills. He should be able to speak and write persuasively. Leader should be a good listener and listen completely when people talk.

* Leader should motivate team members to achieve towards goals.

* Leader should have positive attitude toward team-based work, leader should create solution for the problem, get regular training and attend conferences.

* Leader should treat the team fairly and should handle the conflicts.

* Be transparent with your team and keep track of all the activities your team members are doing.

* Leaders always tell truth always and take responsibility of the outcome, ask feedback for improvement.

* To be a great leader follow a great leader.

* Some of the poor leadership skills are not planning , dictating instead of being part of team,ineffective communication, ineffective  time management, focus on administrative instead of results.

* Some of the leader mistakes are : giving self interest than organization interest, want more money, not living to their values, no vision, acting fast without thinking.

* Leader should have big picture(vision) , have confidence , have good communication skills, ability to inspire and motivate people , take more responsibilities , integrity (doing right things , honesty).

* Set achievable leadership goals, try different leadership opportunity , follow a role model leader.

* Train the team , have vision and strategic plan , understand the organisation goals and then plan,  talk with team.

* Leader should take more initiative , prevent problems from happening , motivate others, constant learning , delegate work to others, handle difficult people and manage conflict , be a follower.


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