Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Time Management

Time Management

* Keep time log of daily activities , identify the time wasters and eliminate the time wasters.

* Dont waste your productive part of your day. Say your productive part of the day may be morning or evening, don't waste it.

* Identify the time wasters and avoid it, don't waste time during morning, read something inspirational everyday for 30 mins.

* Create todo, checklist for activities, organize your desktop and mails, plan tomorrow tasks today, gather and prepare for tasks, allocate time slot.

* Keep away from distractions, if there is no value for work then say no, identify activities which I don't need to do and delegate or remove.

* Plan your day well in advance, break large tasks into small one, break the tasks as small as 15 mins and execute, measure progress of previous day and how to improve.


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