Monday, February 9, 2015

Improve Social Network skills

* Register to community or groups in the society and make new friends

* Find people at meet and start meeting people, search for interested events and meet , in Facebook register to groups, join charity groups , search for scientific events.

* Share something interesting like joke or tech with your friends. Think how can i help my friends.

* Looking approachable : Smile and talk to people, dress well and neat, be confident, no fear, have new hobbies to go outside.

* Avoid shy : Read caring for introvert, change your thinking, study the no shy people, talk slowly, focus on talking slowly always, networking is giving them something, helping someone.

* Give them something, concentrate on what they talk, listen to them, ask questions, talk to people what they like.

* Some of the conversation topics are valuable experience of your life, tell stories, talk about your CV, talk about your work, product.



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