Monday, February 16, 2015

Money making ideas

* Save, sell something which is not used, pay less tax, increase your income, borrow money from others, don't pay interest, cut down expenses, maintain contact with rich people, automate savings.

* Small business ideas : Find hungry market, find the ways where we get more money, solve people complex problem.

* Trading basic rules : Dont invest more that 20% of you income in single investment, create master plan of how to trade, diversify your investment to reduce risk, trade with current trends, dont listen to media news (listen to real news), have disciplines in trading, buy when stocks are low and sell when stocks are high.

* Mutual fund buying tips: Look at management before investing in the MF.

* Online ideas : Write article online, Create blog/website, Teach someones, Earn through youtube.

* Business Ideas : Gym or Fitness center, Tuition Class, Freelancer, Computer Trainer, Recruitment Firm, Web Designing & hosting, Starting online Blog, Data Entry services, SEO Consultant, E-tuitions/ Webinar, E-book selling



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