Monday, February 9, 2015

Self development

* Moving out of comfort zone : If you set out of comfort zone then you are growing else you die, comfort zone allows you to explore more, take a activity which will scare like presentation, marathon, sky dying etc. list some of things to come out of comfort zone, find what is my comfort zone and what actions need to be taken to move out of comfort zone.

* Don't make excuses and don't blame others. Make habit of taking responsibility. Make different choices.

* Don't ask responsibility but take responsibility. Take more initiative.

* Have confidence in you , talk positively to yourself , positively visualize yourself what you want to achieve, hang out with successful, energetic people, read inspirational things , eat healthy and exercise regularly , have positive expectations

* Break big problems into small ones , set small target to achieve, ask the experts.

* Identify and write your insecurities  or which you are ashamed of. Start talking to people, don't dwell on your mistakes, identify which you are great at and improve, be thankful of what you have , eliminate negativity , accept compliments , stick to your principles , help others, do something which you will make happy.

* Believe in yourself , practice everyday, be ontime , integrity , give self love to yourself , reward to yourself , implement morning rituals.

* Identify what did I do wrong last year, what do I need to do next year, what are the goals for next year, how can I make your job easier, skills to develop, how can I improve our business.

* To avoid stress do things you like.

* Have strong will power, take baby step, good habit every day, hang out with successful people, first avoid bad habits , get motivated, change daily routines and practice, get knowledge and act on the knowledge , make action list and follow.

* Learn new skills every year , find what skills are required to achieve my goals and build on that.

* Set long term goal and constantly review it, set SMART goals, before setting long term goal think where I want to be in next 5 years , how do I want to spend time,
Break long term goals into short term goals, from short term goals take smallest task and complete and then move on and celebrate. Plan for for distractions and failures.


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