Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stock market secrets

* Buy when stocks are low and sell when stocks are high. Look at the management before investing. Same holds good for mutual fund.

* Buy shares in limit order and sell with market order.

* While selling make the plan and set the upper and lower threshold limit price which you will sell. Invest in shares for long term for maximum returns.

* Invest in companies which doesn't have loans and debts. Invest in brand value company. Check the consistency of last 5 years and check competitors.

* Prepare entry and exit plan before trading. Have discipline while trading.

* Dont invest more than 205 in single investment. Make master plan of how to trade.

* Diversify your investment to reduce risk, trade with trends (Current trends), done listen to news, listen to real news. Dont listen to broker. Dont buy shared based on news.

* Buy shares in uptrend and sell in down trens. If there is a demand, stock price moves up and if there is supply is more then stock falls.

* Exit blindly if the stop loss trigers i.e if stock is going down.

* Invest in stock market with clear goal. Exit your position if your goal is achieved and dont be greedy. Dont have emotion with stocks or company. Take your profits regularly.

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