Monday, October 31, 2016

How to find your passion

  • Choose a subject on which you have a deep passion. You'll know you are passionate about a subject if you devote your most precious resource to it. Time.
  • What do you love to spend time doing, learning, watching or studying? What would you do even if you weren't going to get paid for doing it? What is a hobby or an avid interest that you have been following for some time that has caused you to make some distinctions others would not have made? What is a subject you have invested your own hard-earned money on to experience, or to evolve your ability
  • Select a topic you are willing to practice day and night to perfect, making finer and finer distinctions. Choose a subject that would not feel like work to you to make those distinctions but instead would feel like play. Top sportspeople put in what would seem to others like painstaking hours of practicing, but these people live in the ‘forward’. They project themselves into the future and see the very moment when the practice will pay off for the biggest reward. When the clock is counting down and it's going down to the wire for them, that's the time they planned for, and they seize the moment and create history.
  • Is there a subject on which you have high levels of natural ability? For others it may seem difficult or even impossible, but for you it's easy to perform better than others? You may not even know at this point why or how you find it easy, but you just do. Other people will probably have voiced how gifted you seem or maybe they even called you lucky.
  • It is very important to choose a subject that fits your personality type. Without doubt, the best profiling tool I have come across is Talent Dynamics. I thoroughly recommend doing this not just for you, but also for the people you will employ as part of your team. Making sure you select the right people for the right job is crucial in building a world-class team and building a successful ‘expert’ business.
  • Finally, once you think you have found your subject, the last sanity check is to establish if there are good profits to be made from the subject. You'll need to be sure that there are people who are hunting for information to master the subject themselves or to solve a problem that they have. Remember, all businesses must sell a product or service to make profit, and all products or services must solve a problem or enhance people's lives to be of value. Also, consider the longevity of the subject. Will it be a passing fad or an evergreen topic that people will always want solutions for?


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